Sleep, can we ever have enough? In a world that prizes productivity over rest,  the time we do have to spend in the land of nod is ever more precious. With that, we wanted to share how smart home technology can support you when it comes to getting some quality Zzzzzs.

Supporting your circadian rhythm.

Light exposure influences our circadian rhythm, an internal process that regulates our sleep-wake cycles, a process influenced by both the amount and colour of light we are exposed to. At dawn, the light is bluish – preparing our brains for a day full of activity, while in contrast, at sunset, warm orange tones signal to the body that it is time to rest. A Loxone home can support your natural sleep-wake cycles, imitating these different light conditions and creating artificial circadian rhythm light to improve your sleep quality and the ease with which you wake. For example, a light scene containing a higher blue light content is used in the morning. This subtle blue lighting mood slowly fades – similar to a natural sunrise. While in the evening, the calming effect of red/orange tone lighting helps prepare us for sleep.

Putting the house to bed.

A triple-click on the Touch switch next to the bed will let your home know it’s time to shut down for a restful sleep. Your Loxone system will deactivate your home’s lights and music. TVs are powered off to prevent energy wastage on standby, and your smart home in the bedroom sets the optimum temperature and lighting for sleep. Significantly, you can fall asleep with peace of mind. Your home will automatically lock entrance doors, lower all shading, ensure the garage doors are closed and notify you if you have left any windows and doors open. Then, the burglar alarm system activates, and motion sensors that automate the lights during the day now serve to detect intruders and raise the alarm.

Loxone Touch Nite

What about the kids?

Suppose you need to check on your little ones. In that case, hallway and landing motion detectors activate a pleasant evening lighting mood rather than the usual everyday lighting, ensuring no one is unnecessarily woken.

Your smart home will also deactivate the doorbell sound in the child’s room to ensure they’re not woken should someone pop around. Notably, the Touch switches next to childrens’ beds are deactivated so that they can’t start playing with lighting moods or the music when they should be sleeping! If a child in the house struggles with sleepwalking, a Door & Window Contact can be installed on their bedroom door, sending parents’ a notification as soon as the door is opened (while Night Mode is on). Arguably one of the best features is if the children wake up early in the morning and deactivate the “Night Mode” mode in their room while parents are still asleep, their Touch Nightlight turns red, letting the child know that mum and dad are still sleeping. When their Nightlight turns green, they know that their parent(s) are up, and they can legitimately go and jump on their bed!

Wake as you wish.

The Touch Nightlight is far more than just an ordinary nightlight. It’s an alarm, control unit, ambient light, and Nightlight simultaneously. The Nightlight integrates seamlessly into your Loxone system and can be configured with various intelligent functions. The Nightlight can wake you as you wish. Use one of the five built-in alarm tones, set a personal music alarm via the Loxone Audioserver or a light alarm clock. There are no limits to the combinations of these alarms. Touching the ‘alarm’ button disables the alarm. However, touching anywhere else on the Touch Nightlight sets the alarm into snooze mode. You can freely set the snooze duration in the Loxone App. We all know you will want more than just five minutes!

Sleep: The golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. ~ Thomas Dekker