“Anything is possible with a true smart home.”

Arron answers some of your frequently asked questions when it comes to a Smart Home.

How does a Smart Home System Work?

The heart of a Loxone system is the green Miniserver – think of this as the system’s brain. The Miniserver is a central point of control for your home. It detects when an action is required through a range of intelligent sensors. It then sends the command to the relevant device, for example, ‘switch on the kitchen lights’. The Loxone system is designed to integrate your lighting, shading, audio, heating, and security into a single seamless and harmonious system. It automatically takes care of thousands of day-to-day tasks for you, although still giving you ultimate control should you want it, through the free Loxone App.

Should a Smart Home be Hardwired or Wireless?

We usually recommend the wired Loxone Smart Home solution in new builds – like Loxone Tree. Loxone’s wireless technology Loxone Air is designed for retrofitters and renovators. However, you could get more out of a new build home by including an Air Base Extension, which allows you to benefit from wireless products for even more functionality. Loxone Air technology allows you to use wireless devices to their full potential. Loxone is also a sustainable wireless intelligent home solution. As with a wired Loxone Smart Home, the products are updatable in a retrofit Loxone Smart Home. Thanks to software updates for our configuration software and Apps, your devices will always be up-to-date, ensuring you get the most functionality.

What should I consider when budgeting for a smart home?

If you are investing in home automation, it’s essential to think about the value you’ll get from it in the long run and what you want from a smart home. What is the intangible value you are looking for? Peace of mind with improved home security, more time to enjoy life, safety and independence for an elderly relative that lives with you? Many ‘gadget’ type products and their software will likely be redundant or updated with newer versions every couple of years. You want to be sure the system you install can be updated and added to with ease and without unnecessary investment.

How Do I Control My Smart Home?

The super intuitive Loxone App allows you to view and adjust all the primary functions within a room and view important information and notifications all from one screen.
The App turns your smartphone or tablet into the perfect control centre, either mounted on the wall or just on hand nearby. Use it to change the lights, answer the door, and more. Ongoing updates mean that the App becomes more and more powerful. It is everything you need to control your smart home in the palm of your hand!

If you’re seeking inspiration or would like to know more about home automation possibilities, why not book one of our info sessions? You can enjoy a live demonstration of how a complete smart home works and discuss the features that might best suit your home.